Coming Sapa in Spring times, this opens the big chances for travelers to take part in the interesting festivals to learn about Sapa's culture and people.

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1. Spring festivals

Giao Duyen festival

If travelers take a Sapa tours in spring time, traveler will have a chance to take part in this festival. The days of the festival are filled with colorful traditional
religious customs, such as blessing heaven for a child, fortune or a lucky and happy life. This is also the time that mountain villagers, boys and girls, all display their best clothes and new costumes.
Many entertaining contests also take place such as gun shooting, Giao Duyen singing style of singing where a boy and girl sing traditional love songs to express their love for each other), pan-pipe playing and dancing, kung fu, ball throwing and feasting.
2. Long Tong Festival

 Long Tong Festival

It is Tay people' festival in Ban Ho village, where is one of highlight in Sapa, if tourist book Sapa tours on this occassion, tourists will join in the activities with local people. It reflects the desire to have good crops, health, as well as many children and grandchildren. The ceremony involves solemn rituals, such as staging a procession for the Water, worshipping ceremonies to the Village Deity, the Stream Deity and the Mountain Deity, and worshipping the con tree.
There are many merry games such as “nem con” (a game in which boys and girls throw cloth balls), tug-of-wars, playing cockfights by banana flowers, and buffalo fights by aspara-gus. Boys and girls come to the festival to folk dance, sing love songs, and make friends.
3. Roong Pooc festival

Roong Pooc festival

It is Zay People's festival, Ta Van village is home of Zay People where is one of tourist attraction in Sapa, coming Ta Van village on the fist of lunar month, traveller you have chance to take part in the festival's activities and learn about Zay people and culture.
4. Nao Coong festival

Nao Coong festival

The festival of Hmong, Giay, H'Mong Flower people, Muong people. Ta Van village is one of main place to last this festival. The festival time is on the sixth of lunar month.
5. Tet dancing festival
It is the Red Zao people' festival on the Tet holiday of Vietnam, coming on this time for Sapa tours, you will learn more about this festivals of Zao's dancing styles.