The wonderful tour in Sapa will allow you to visit its unmissable sites and also discover its cultural and human values of local people in this misty town. Let’s go to this town to enjoy the cool fresh air and charming landscapes of the mountainous region as well as explore the specific cultures of minorities.

Ta Phin monastery

Ta Phin monastery is a recommended place for visitors on the road from Ta Phin tourism village to the downtown of Sapa. Although the monastery was abandoned more than half a century ago, it still appeals tourists who stop to admire the bold beauty of French colonial architecture hidden under the dust layer of time.

Ta Phin monastery was the stop of 12 female Catholic followers who was deported from Japan, they come to Sapa and established this monastery to expand the religion. The nuns had actively contributed to research and disseminate the technical cultivation of temperate food plants, suitable to the climate and soil in Sapa such as black oat, vegetables, sweet potatoes and fresh fruits like grapes, apples, peaches.

The construction of the monastery was started in May 1942, at this time Vietnam was still under French rule, the building was under the strict supervision of a military unit. The monastery was called the Virgin Peace Monastery. According to the original design, there is a pretty big monastery, accommodating over 100 people to live and do religious work, however, in reality only a portion of the building was completed. Plans to build a guest room, a chaplain, as well as farms, have not yet been implemented. To 1947, due to the unstable security situation, the group nuns were forced to evacuate to Hanoi, leaving the monastery devastated.

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O Quy Ho mountain pass

O Quy Ho mountain pass is a zigzag challenge for the adventurous drivers. It holds the record for the longest pass in the northwest mountains of Vietnam at nearly 50 km. Viewed from above, the mountain pass is a long winding thread as supple as silk.

O Quy Ho pass is also called as Cloudy pass which connects Lai Chau and Lao Cai province. The pass is associated with a legend about the Love waterfall, where a fairy and a lumberjack named O Quy Ho met and fell in love. Because they could not get married, the fairy turned into a bird and flying over the mountain, called out his name “O Quy Ho”. The local people often say that from the pass, visitors can admire the imposing panorama of Fansipan mountain, the highest mountain in Indochina. O Quy Ho pass, called the Sapa heaven’s gate, is the highest point of Vietnam’s roads which is 2,000 meters above the sea level. At the top of the pass, you can see Lai Chau’s beautiful valleys below. When it is sunny in Lai Chau, the passes of Lao Cai province are often shrouded in clouds.

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Sapa night market

Sapa town is home to many different delicious dishes, most of which are grilled or roasted ones. Visiting Sapa without trying a dish of baked or grilled meat, beef, fish, and vegetables is such a pity. These specialties can be eaten with chilly sauce or lemon-salt. Moreover, there are many other delicious dishes to try at this special market. If you have enough time, let's spend a night to wander around Sapa night market to enjoy the best dishes and join in the activities of local people. Sapa night market opens almost every day of the week, so it is a nice place to visit after a long trekking day exploring the beautiful places around this town. In order to not miss any wonderful moments in Sapa night market, it is better to go to the market with a local in Sapa. He or she will guide you to the best food stalls, and the right places to buy Sapa's specialties.

Ta Phin commune

Coming to Sapa, don’t forget to visit Ta Phin commune which is home to the Dao people. Dap people owns a special herb bathing method which absolutely is one of the best experiences off-the-beaten-path in Sapa trip. Relaxing in a hot tub with a gorgeous view and amazing health benefits. You will feel it is the most authentic herbal bath spa you could find, with giant vats on the premises.

It was a little hard to find the way to Ta Phin because it is not well noted on the internet, but it is right in the outside of Sapa town, you completely take a beautiful motorbike ride to Ta Phin village. Once you reach a fork at the end of Ta Phin you will see a sign marked Ta Chai follow it straight through the junction 2 km. The herbal spa is up to the hill.

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Sapa is a famous destination for tourists to discover all year round. If you have any questions, let’s contact us via Sapa trekking tour. Thank you!