3-Day Trekking Itinerary To Conquer Mount Fansipan

3-Day Trekking Itinerary To Conquer Mount Fansipan

Mount Fansipan is considered the roof of Vietnam and the entire Indochina peninsula with a height of 3143 meters. It lies on Hoang Lien Son mountain range in the territory of Lao Cai province in the northwest of Vietnam. So, this summit is definitely one of the most desired targets for adventurous conquerors in Vietnam, let’s take a 3-day trekking trip to conquer the roof of Indochina peninsula and make your dream come true. Please follow the detail trekking schedule below.

Day 1: Lao Cai-Sapa town

In order to have a wonderful trekking tour to conquer Fansipan, you have to get to Lao Cai via many options of transportations. If you decide to travel via a shuttle bus, you will depart from Hanoi at 7.00 am and arrive in Sapa at 12.00 pm. Besides that, if you choose to move by a night train, you will arrive at Lao Cai railway station at 5.30 am. Then, your tour guide and driver will wait and pick you up in front of the station gate, so let’s pay attention to the name board of your agency.

3-Day Trekking Itinerary To Conquer Mount Fansipan

After getting in the car, you will take 1 hour to move to Sapa. The road is not good enough but the landscape along the way is truly breathtaking, you will soon fall in love with a glimpse of the stunning vistas and impressive rice terraces. When arriving in Sapa town, you will be arranged at the hotel and have breakfast in a local restaurant. Then, you will spend your first day to wander around Sapa town and explore the natural beauty and culture of the town as well as local people.

Otherwise, you can join in some kinds of short hiking trips to warm up and make your muscle get acquaintance with the physical activities. We highly recommend you to take a hiking trip to Ham Rong mountain. This is a small mountain in right in the center of Sapa town, this site is famous for its gorgeous beauty owning the largest flower garden that offers a nice panoramic view of the town.

Besides that, you also can take a short trek to Ta Phin which is a small village of the Red Dao ethnic group. You just take about 1,5-hour trekking to visit this village.

However, let’s keep good health for the amazing challenge of the next two days is the hardest days to conquer the height of 3143m. Ending up the first day at the hotel in Sapa town.

Day 2: Sapa-Heaven Gate-Fansipan trekking up to 2800 meters

You have to wake up quite early in the morning to be ready for the trekking tour, the bus will take you from the hotel to Silver Waterfall which is about 30 minutes driving. You will have a chance to play with the cool water flows at the foot of the waterfall and take the most gorgeous photos. Then, you will move to Heaven Gate on the highest road in Vietnam. From Heaven Gate in clear weather, you can see Mt. Fansipan in the distance, and overwhelm the stunning view of the Binh Lu valley. Leaving the stunning view of Heaven Gate behind, going along the trail through the pristine forests until the lunchtime. After having a rest for lunch, you continue trekking on the forest trail, you will catch some streams on the way that you have to cross, so waterproof boots are the necessary thing you should bring.

After 2,5 hours hiking on rocky, dirt trails, you finally can reach the resting point at an altitude of 2200 meters above the sea. Let’s take a rest and snap some snacks to recover the energy because you will get into a harder adventure soon. You will take three and a half hours to climb up the trail and cross through the erected cliffs and stones to get to the top. The landscape is truly breathtaking that erase your exhaust, the magnificent views to Sapa and majestic landscape of Hoang Lien Son range show up and wipe it all. The final point of the second-day trek is Mt Fansipan's campsite at 2800 meters, you are expected to get that site in the afternoon around 4 pm. When getting the resting zone, it is time to relax and enjoy a well-prepared dinner by our support crew.

3-Day Trekking Itinerary To Conquer Mount Fansipan

Day 3: Mount Fansipan- Sapa- Back to Hanoi

Getting up early to breathe in the cool fresh air of mountainous atmosphere and admire the poetic view of the forest covered by a light layer of misty in the morning, the sunrise moment in the high mountain region is so peaceful and glorious. After feasting your eyes by the beautiful view of the landscape, leaving the resting site to take the last trek to Mount Fansipan. After over two hours of hiking up, you finally reach the top, then you will have a chance to enjoy the speechless feeling of victory and charming natural landscape that you hardly experience in your whole life. Then, you will back to the resting site for lunch. After lunch, you start your journey to back to Sapa. The bus will take you back to your hotel in Sapa town. Then, taking a short rest and arranging your stuff before transferring to Lao Cai railway station for the night train back to Hanoi.

Come with us via Sapa tour to conquer the highest peak of Vietnam, it is totally worth to give a try to celebrate your youth. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!