Travel Xiangkhouang Detail

Located in the Xiangkhouang Plateau, Xiangkhouang is a province in the northeast of Laos, most commonly known for the intriguing "Plain of Jars". Xiang Khouang is bordered by Nghe An Province of Vietnam to the east and Vientiane province to the southwest. In the war against French colonialism and American imperialism, Xieng Khouang was a strategically important location. It was also the place where most bombs of the American Empire were hit.

The best time to visit Xiangkhouang is in April. Xiangkhoaung is famous for the Plain of Jars. The strange thing is that the jar is scattered throughout Xiangkhouang but nowadays, visitors are only allowed to visit 3 main sites around Phonsavan. About 50 km north of Meuang Kham district, there are two hot springs: Ban Noi and Ban Nhay with the temperature of up to 600 degrees Celsius. The Tham Piu Cave used as a bomb shelter by the villages during the Vietnam War, is a sobering historical site that you should not miss. The Phu Bia at the altitude of 2820 meters above the sea level is the highest peak in Laos. A different point of Xiangkhouang is the Wat Phiawt temple. It was built in 1564 but was almost entirely destroyed by the war. Xiangkhouang also attracts tourists by the pristine landscape and fresh nature.

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