Travel Dong Van Detail

Situated 132 kilometers from Ha Giang City along 4C Road, Dong Van Plateau is a rugged rocky mountain region in the North with the magnificent and impressive scenery. Dong Van located at the altitude of 1000-1600 meters above the sea level covers an area of nearly 2,356 km² stretching over Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van district of Ha Giang province. This is one of the special limestone areas of the country, containing typical markers of the history of the crust. Topographic of Dong Van accounts for 80% of limestone formations made up of different environmental conditions and periods of development which last for hundreds of millions of years. 

You can visit Dong Van at any time of the year. It depends on what you're interested in: January - February ( plum and peach blossoms),  March - April (Red silk cotton tree - Hoa Gao), September - October ( rice harvesting season), October - December (buckwheat flower season).

The most beautiful tourist attraction is Dong Van Ancient Town. Wandering in the old town to explore the culture, cuisine, and traditions of the people here is the most interesting thing in Dong Van. From Dong Van town, you can easily discover other famous spots such as Meo King palace, Ma Pi Leng, the Happy Path and especially Lung Cu Flag Pole. 


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