With the clean rooms, good service and beautiful view, the Sa Pa hotels and resorts as a ticket to ensure the success of your honeymoon trip. Let’s find out 5 places to stay in Sapa to have a memorable honeymoon.

1. Sapa Jade Hill Resort

Recently appeared a few months but Sa Pa Jade Hill Resort has become a phenomenon that many people coming to Sa Pa impressed. Sapa Jade Hill Resort is built as a miniature European village in the heart of the beautiful town of Sa Pa with fine white walls and rustic, warm brown wood.

Sapa Jade Hill Resort is located on a high hill, surrounded by green mountains and misty mist. There are days of cold, you feel the fog flooded the aisles, very beautiful and very magical.

Although the outer space and the landscape are quite cool, inside the resort is pretty and warm. The villas here are very large, both over 120m2 and 4 villas with the different exterior.

If choosing Sapa Jade Hill as the destination for your honeymoon, you should choose plum garden villas or villas in Lao Chai which are two areas with the most beautiful and romantic scenery. Enjoying the cool atmosphere of the mountains, enjoying the unique dishes of Sa Pa and experiencing the best with the holiday at Sapa Jade Hill will be a memorable memory in your life.

Reference price: from 3 million VND to 6.7 million VND / night (depending on the type of villa).

2. U Sapa Hotel

Located right on Cau May Street, the busiest street of Sapa, U Sapa is one of the most beautiful locations in the town of Sapa. This hotel is designed in the ancient architecture of the West combined with modern beauty. It is a mixture of beautiful French architecture mixed with local identity.

With a favorable location and a large facade overlooking the stone church, while looking down Cau May Street, all the rooms of the hotel have the beautiful view. In fact, just walk out to the balcony, you will observe the space around town, watch the stream pass through the central street and in the upper floor rooms, you can zoom out to look at the green mountains of Sa Pa. For this reason, this hotel is popular with both domestic and foreign tourists.

Services in U Sapa are very professional. Especially if you come here at the weekend, you also enjoy the delicious barbecue party at the restaurant in the balcony of the hotel. Feeling just watching Sa Pa at night, inhaling the fresh and cool atmosphere, sipping a cup of tea, and enjoying a delicious dinner will be extremely hard to forget.

This modern hotel is in the vicinity of the most popular attractions. Specifically, Sapa is just 200m from the entrance to Ham Rong Mountain (one of the best places for Sapa trekking), Sa Pa stone church 100m, and Sa Pa lake 600m. Is it ideal, right?

Price from: 1.5 million VND/night

3. Hmong Hotel Sapa

In the list of hotels with the beautiful view in Sa Pa, we cannot miss mentioning the H'Mong Sapa. Staying at this hotel, you will have a chance to admire the panoramic views of Sa Pa Market, stone church, Muong Hoa valley, and foggy Fansipan.

The rooms in Hmong are not too crowded, so of course, they are clean and comfortable. And most notably, the room has windows overlooking the large mountain view so the lazy couple just open the window to feel the mountains right.

And not to mention the large balcony, where you can completely sit for breakfast, sip hot bread and a hot cup of coffee as well as breathe the air of Sa Pa. What more do you need for peace and tranquility for a honeymoon?

In addition, the hotel also has a car rental service for a reasonable price, very convenient for you to rent and visit Sapa.

4. Sapa Bamboo Hotel

Sapa Bamboo Hotel was built in one of the most beautiful places in Sa Pa. Back to Ham Rong Mountain, overlooking the mountain of Fansipan and romantic Muong Hoa valley so no wonder that this hotel owns a good view angle which is both large and beautiful.

This hotel has 56 rooms with wide open views. Each room is designed in harmony, close to nature, in the room equipped with full facilities. In addition, Bamboo also has a sunbathing area, a garden, and karaoke to help you unwind after a day of exploring exciting events in the city.

In terms of dining service, the restaurant in this hotel is also praised for its rich menu with more than 100 traditional Vietnamese dishes, so you can be assured of food service package if you do not want to move much.

5. The Haven Sapa Camp Site

Sapa travel enthusiasts will know about The Haven Sapa Camp Site, a very popular hostel, floating in the town of fog in late July with a beautiful view. Located right on Vong Canh hill (Cat Cat village), you can see the panoramic view of Sa Pa island without worrying about any obstacles.

With 30 beds, The Haven primarily develops dorm room type for corporate travelers, corporate collectives to host team building or backpackers. However, this hotel does not ignore the need for relaxation of the couples. It is a super hot honeymoon destination. There are bungalows named Moon and Cloud for the couple.

These bungalows are rustic with wood and pressed bamboo. However, the room is very comfortable with a comfortable bed, heating system, private bathroom and a window overlooking the beautiful outside space. Even the bungalow also has a nice balcony to spoil the scenery.

Along with the beautiful view rooms, Sapa Haven also has 360 Lounge Bar with 360 ° view on the top of the hill between Muong Hoa valley, cinema and barbecue garden. So staying here, you will be participating in the fun BBQ party. Dorm room rates are from 150 thousand VND and bungalow prices from 1.2 to 1.8 million VND per night.

Above are 5 best accommodations for your honeymoon in Sapa. if you want to book a Sapa trip, please contact us for Sapa tour package price.