Sapa is a famous tourist town of Sapa district, Lao Cai province, located about 330 km from Hanoi. This place was once a French resort, so it retains the style of European style. The main ethnic minorities are located here, including 7 main ethnic groups: H'Mong, Dao, Tay, Kinh, Day, Xa Pho (Phu La), and Hoa.

Visiting Sapa, you will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful scenery and learn about the lives of ethnic minorities. If you are traveling for the first time, you will have a lot of questions. Here is a summary of the most frequently asked questions about Sapa tourism.

Food - Specialty – Delicious dishes in Sapa

  • Salmon or sturgeon hotspot: You can eat Sapa salmon and sturgeon with the fresh vegetables and mushrooms, sip with Sapa apple wine. It is great with the cold weather of Sapa.
  • Salmon salad
  • Salmon eggs with salad (in season)
  • Salmon steak
  • Fried sturgeon
  • Thang co
  • Roasted Sapa Pork
  • Stir-fried vegetables with garlic and dried buffalo meat

How many bus companies providing the transportation service to Sapa?

Going to Sapa from Hanoi now has the following vehicles:

  • Queen Vip Cafe Open Bus
  • Ha Van Painters
  • Hung Thanh car to Sapa
  • Sapa camel car
  • Sao Viet car to Sapa
  • Sapa New Car
  • Viet bus to Sapa
  • Sapa Express
  • Good morning Sapa
  • Sapa Shuttle Bus
  • Inter Bus Line
  • Ecosapa car
  • Sapa Luxury Van

What is special about the Sapa market?

  • Coc Ly Market (open on Tuesdays only)
  • Cao Son Market (open only every Wednesday)
  • Lung Khau Nhin Market (open only on Thursdays)
  • Can Cau market (open on Saturday only)
  • Bac Ha Market (open only on Sunday)
  • Muong Hum Market (open only on Sunday)
  • Market Khuong Muong (available on Sunday only)

The information about Fansipan Sapa cable car

Where to buy cable tickets for Fansipan?

Fansipan cable car has three options for you

  • Option 1: Buy tickets directly at the terminal - You line up to buy
  • Option 2: Book by phone. When you are in Sapa, you call the free delivery tickets at Sapa. (Ms. Thuy 0988 911 777)
  • Option 3: Book cable car Sapa online with the payment 30% deposit in advance. It also has the policy of discount for the big group.

How long will it take for the trip by cable car?

  • To take Fansipan cable car from Sapa town center and save money, you can take taxis in Sapa such as Green Taxi, Northwest Taxi, and Phanxipan Taxi, following the Thac Bac Road, turning left onto Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, about 2.5km, at the price of VND 50,000/way. You can take Sapa Sapphire bus ride from Sapa Township Primary School opposite Sapa Sapphire Stadium (near Sapa Rock Church) for VND10,000 per person every 30 minutes.
  • The total length of the cable car ranges from 3 to 4 hours depending on your time. sitting time in the cabin is 20 minutes/time. Then walk about 600 steps to Fansipan peak at 3,143 meters high.

Fansipan cable car ticket?

Fansipan cable fare is divided into three levels:


  • Adult: 600,000 VND / ticket
  • Children: 1m high - 1m3 - 400.000VND / ticket
  • Children under 1m are free


  • For delegations of 21 guests or more, the discount is VND 500,000/delegation
  • For groups of 42 guests, the discount is VND 1,000,000/delegation
  • For groups of less than 20 guests, the discount is 10,000VND per person
  • For the tour guide, there will be 5 guests (Free for 1 tour guide with domestic and international cards)

Note: Tickets are not returned. The tickets are valid during the day.

To book the Fansipan cable car, please call 0988 911 777 for assistance. Besides, you can book a Sapa hiking tour.

What should be prepared for staying at Sapa homestay?

If you have 2 or 3 days in Sapa for a sleep with a tour guide, the first day you will experience a long walk about 5 to 6 hours (depending on your health and weather), here is some useful information for your trip:

  • You should bring a few small water bottles, or you can buy them on the way.
  • You should have good shoes, carry raincoats, and sun umbrellas in case of changing the weather.
  • Sapa is very sunny so you need to bring sunscreen, insect repellent and clothing to change every day.
  • It will be cool in the evening when you should bring your summer jacket and warm jacket in winter.
  • You do not need to bring a sleeping bag and food because when you go to the guide home and they will prepare you for thoughtful meals, resting place, and clean bath.
  • Travelers wishing to travel for 4 days or more, in addition to the above items you need to bring warm clothes for winter and change clothes for the summer.
  • For travelers who travel by themselves, take snacks such as bread, snacks, and drinks for lunch. When you come to the village, you will see a lot of houses, you can ask them to stay overnight and they will prepare you meals they cook directly, and you will pay for all of them.

For more details about Sapa homestay price, please contact us!

Sapa travel experience

Which season is Sapa the most beautiful in?

Sapa is beautiful all year round! Spring is the season of peach blossom (Japanese Cherry Blossom around the lake of Ham Rong Ecology) and plum blossoms blooming everywhere from the town center to the village. Beautiful summer is full of sweet fruits and flowers such as peach, pear, plum especially watching the terraced fields in the harvest.

Autumn is also an ideal time for trekking excursions, but the rice fields are ripe. Winter is cold, high altitude, fog throughout the day, watching the fog is very fond of, while in the coldest time 0 degrees C can also be watching the snow again.

Laundry tips when traveling

Wear too many clothes when traveling, unfortunately for laundry, you can refer to some of the ways below to have the perfume fresh but still save.

  • The first is laundry detergent. You do not need to carry a detergent as this will make your luggage heavier. Just wash your clothes with shampoo or shower gel. The added advantage of washing with these two detergents, you do not need to rinse the water as laundry detergent.
  • The washing process will come to the extractor. After squeezing, spread the hotel's towel, wrap your shirt or shirt in like this, then squeeze it. Towels will continue to draw water from the clothes, so when drying clothes will quickly dry up to surprise.
  • The drying process: If you are prepared for a long journey with little clothes, you should also carry a small rope as a drying line to hang out.
  • Before you go, you should also prepare a small bag. If the next day the clothes are not dry, then you put in bags and put them outside the luggage. When you move the clothes will continue to dry.

Here are some common concerns of the first-time visitors to sapa. If you have any other questions, please contact us for an answer!