Sapa has been renowned for the breathtaking natural landscape and the original local culture of the ethnic tribes. There are some attractive tourist destinations in Sapa, which are still lesser-known. One of them is Ta Phin Cave. This impressive cave will surely offer you the distinctive experiences. Do not forget to take Sapa tours to get more information about Sapa tour package price and what to bring when travelling to Sapa.

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Ta Phin cave

Located 12 kilometers away from Sapa town, Ta Phin cave is not only a pristine tourist site but also is home to many valuable pieces of research in the field of archaeology. The north of the cave is the living place of two ethnic tribes Dao and Hmong, in which Dao people is dominant. Ta Phin Cave is nearly 1 kilometer from the North of the limestone mountain range that is a branch of Hoang Lien Son range. In a small mountain, foothills cracked a cave which is Ta Phin open a path to the ground. Being hidden in the mountain, Ta Phin cave is 5 meters in height, 3 meters in width.

From the gate, Ta Phin splits into many narrow ways which fit only one person. Crossing 30 meters in the darkness, travelers will face bumpy ways. The small cliffs are spread out in many directions, even the round corners. However, eventually, all of the ways return to its original position. Going along the large wall, visitors will cross cliffs. Especially, the widest space which is on the roof is about 8 meters in height. There are drooping stalactites in strange shapes hanging from the high ceiling without any arrangement, which result in the illusion space as well as the sparkling scenery. You can also see the white giant raspberry patches, rough lava as well as coral patches rolling around. Ta Phin is embellished with the multi-color lights that make visitors feel as if they are in the fairyland. Exploring Ta Phin cave in the tranquil atmosphere of the northwestern jungle is really a wonderful experience for any travelers.

Ta Phin village

Ta Phin cave is situated at the far end of Ta Phin commune, which is also worth exploring with the untouched picturesque sceneries, unique customs and traditions of Dao ethnic people, and the distinctive services.

Ta Phin is nestled in a beautiful idyllic primitive valley. This is the main residence of the Dao ethnic group. Reaching Ta Phin, tourist will be amazed to catch images of Dao women in very pretty and colorful brocade dress that is a traditional hand-made product by the skillful women. Especially it's easy to identify Dao women since they often wear the large red headdresses. The locals are quite friendly and hospitable.

Come to Ta Phin, visitors will have more ideas about Dao's customs, traditions, and lifestyle. The traditional cultural activities of Dao group are still well-preserved. Many performances are organized for tourists such as wedding ceremony, Bai Tram, Mua chuong, etc.

Ta Phin village

Moreover, Gau Tao festival is a unique cultural and religious activity of H'mong tribe in Ta Phin. The festival attracts the participation of the whole community. The festival begins with setting up plants (20-25 December) and the main festival is in 3th and 4th January of the next year in order to pray for abundant crops. The charming natural beauty and the ethnic identities are the factors attracting tourists to Ta Phin.

Guests can observe or participate in folk games including the contest of crossbow, stilt walking, and rod pushing, etc. Additionally, visitors take a chance to enjoy the traditional food of Red Dao and H'mong tribes such as cornbread, men men (ground maize), etc. The handicrafts have also been maintained and promoted to meet the demand of tourism such as making brocade products, silver inlay or casting forging.

Ta Phinvillage reputes with the handmade brocades that are colorful and has diverse designs. Some popular products are bags, backpacks, scarves, purses, and coats. These products are completely made by ingenious hands of H'Mong and Red Dao women. The motifs are exquisitely embellished with various images of birds, flowers, trees, etc which always excite tourists. For the ethnic tribes in Ta Phin, brocades are quite meaningful. This is not only used for decoration, but also a memento for the couples in the wedding day.The brocade handmade products is an indispensable gift for any visitors when setting foot in this beautiful mountainous area.

Insider tips:

► You are highly recommended to carry the flashlight since the cave is fairly dark. Or you can rent torchlight of Dao women standing in the gate with the price about 5000 VND (~$0.25). Make sure the torchlight works before entering the cave.

► The entrance ticket costs 15.000VND (~$1) per people

► It’s a good idea to visit stony monasteries on the northeast of the hill.

► Dao people can persuade you to buy their merchandises enthusiastically. If you don’t want, refuse gently. In case you reach Ta Phin cave by the private motorbike or car, Dao ladies may suggest keeping their eyes on your vehicle with the hope that you will buy some of their items at the end of the tour. If you want your vehicle to be watched out, you can agree. These merchandises have the reasonable price. If unpreferable, you can deny politely. Some of Dao ladies can speak English well and offer you some information about their culture.

If you are looking for something new in Sapa, you shouldn’t miss Ta Phin cave in case of setting foot on this pretty land. Exploring Ta Phin cave is off-the-beaten-track. Let’s discover Ta Phin cave and have an unforgettable trip.